Telethia: Gray Flats of the Borderlands

Session One - May 30, 2009

The characters began in the small encampment they had lived for most or all of their lives. After spending their days with what leisure they could, they gathered for an evening meal after the hunters returned, and the men listened to stories while the females of the camp (including Piper) prepared the meal. Stories were told of the days hunt, and of a bard who was eaten by a dragon after their storm-peace wore off somewhere just outside of the mountains to the west. Four eligable females swooned over Arren, while the most annoying girl in the village (Mewsie) came and spent time with Felithrin with her high pitched twittering laugh. After everyone else went to bed, the three stayed up and contemplated life in the camp, wondering what was to the east, west, north and south. They decided to head north in search of anyone who might have a surviving map of the area. They set off the next day, after Piper spoke with her mother and father over much tears. They gave her all of their money: Three stands of colored wooden beads, and two glass beads. They also gave her their only family heirloom: a spellbook. The characters set out after telling Mewsie not to tell anyone of their departure, for the specific reason that everyone would find out by the end of the day if she knew. Mewsie made Arren promise to return when she was 18 to take her on an adventure as well. The characters set off after collecting water and spent a long day walking. Close to evening, they encountered a small pack of wolves, and fought the alpha while the other two were off. They collected the meat, skin, teeth, bladder, and then settled down for the night with full bellies and no fire. Oops! They forgot to bring firewood, and these stormy wastelands hold no trees in reachable sight.


I would just like to say that cooking with cantrip is possibly the greatest use of the spell ever.

Session One - May 30, 2009

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